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Gothic Homes, is a leading real estate developer in Hyderabad.

Since two decades, we have has completed severel projects comprising premium apartments, Residential layouts and Villas. These projects cover over 3 Lakh Sq.ft. and are widely recognized for their path-breaking innovations, continuously surpassing industry standards and many of which have become Landmark communities.

Gothic Projects are developed with an unwavering vision to offer a sustainable balance between affordability and luxury with global standards of construction and environmental responsibility.


At Gothic Homes, we ensure quality in every aspect of our business, from selecting the best locations to building quality living spaces to be proud of. That's why we focus on excellence in execution, from design to specifications, making sure that every detail is on par with international living standards. Our communities are designed with a vision to offer a sustainable balance between affordability and luxury with heed to global standards of construction and environmental responsibility.

The essence of our philosophy can effectively be summed up in two words: Never Compromise.


The management at Gothic Infra is comprised of skilled and efficient staff that has stood by the company from the time of its inception. As the saying goes, 'Taller the building, stronger the foundation'. Needless to say, we could not have scaled such dizzying heights without the support of our loyal staff.

Led by a group of industry veterans who have never compromised on quality and follow a strict code of ethics, the company has always been striving to set benchmarks in modern engineering, besides building homes that showcase master-class engineering. The astounding success of the company today stands testimony to our passion and commitment towards building world-class living spaces and fostering vibrant communities.

Core Team:

Mr.Deepak Yelavarthy

As managing Partner, Mr. Deepak Yalavarthi has already blazed quite a trail as a pioneer in real estate development. Educated as an Engineering Graduate, Mr. Deepak Yalavarthi his skills from the grass root level, and today stands tall with over two decades of experience in this industry. He is responsible for the overall management of the company.

Mr. Ganga Raju Mutyala

He wears many hats and juggles multiple responsibilities. With more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate and Building activities, he plays pivotal role in Gothic's success story. His pragmatism stems from his background in Civil Engineering  and makes him wiser beyond his 45 years.

Mr.Nageswara Rao Gollapudi

With Highly organised, efficient, personable and able to deliver consistantly high result in chanllengin and pressurised work environment. Well versed in the creation of internal communication and strong customer relationship management skills.

Mr. Srikanth Nandamuri

He did Masters in Business Administration with broad overseas experience and variety of working background service to construction and very keen and highly integrated in the areas of Project Management, Communication and Marketing. A keen Planner and very capable of Team Building.

Mr. Ravi Jasthi

His watchword is professionalism. He brings it to bear upon every task he oversees, with the zeal built and experience gathered in the 10 years of career. Mr.Ravi Jasthi 's enthusiasm permeates through every aspect of his responsibility.

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